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We can assist you with all types of pest infestations, from insects to rodents at both commercial and residential premises.

Pest control of Rats to Mice, Wasps nests and general vermin and rodent control, our local UK pest control service can swiftly restore your home to it’s proper owner.

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Pest Control in Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London

PEST CONTROL BARNEYOur company specialises in Local area Pest Control, we offer all kinds of services related to the removal of vermin such as Rats or unwanted visitors such as Wasps or Hornets. Our technicians are only allowed to use “humane” methods so you can be assured that we carry out our business in an ethical and caring way, from rodents to insect infestations and even specialist areas such as Glis Glis control [ edible Dormouse ]. Pests such as rats and mice are not just a nuisance they can be a major health hazard, the diseases that these creatures carry can actually be quite serious. If you have a problem with rats or mice it is vital you seek assistance as soon as possible, the sooner you obtain the help of a pest control company the sooner you can take control of your property.

Our pest control experts offer their services throughout the London and South eastern area, we can deal will pests from Herts, Beds, Bucks and the North London area. We only use humane methods when dealing with vermin such as mice or rats, also we can help you with the more exotic creatures such as gliss gliss. Our pest control experts will be aware of the stress that an infestation can cause, this is why they will advise you on the fastest way to deal with your pest problem. Speed is an essential ingredient when getting rid of rats and other pests, the main reason for a fast removal is that rat populations can explode and the costs of large scale infestation can go through the roof.

Controlling pests is a vital necessity when it comes to keeping your home or business are healthy, pests such as rats can carry tapeworm and a whole host of nasty diseases. It is important that you eradicate them from areas where your children, family or employees may come into contact with their feces. You see they carry not only parasites that we humans catch, they can also carry deadly diseases such as weil’s disease which can prove fatal in humans.

Our Our pest exterminators will carry out their duties with the utmost concern for the animals wellbeing, all our methods humane and are actioned in  a proper and caring manner. It is important to us that the creatures we are dealing with are removed with as little stress as possible, in order to do this we use all the latest pest control technologies and are constantly researching the newest and most humane pest control methods available.

: Rats
: Grey Squirrels
: Wasps
: Masonry bees
: Mice
: Glis glis (edible dormouse)
: Hornets
: Moles
: Rabbits
: Fleas
: Ants
: Cockroaches
: Feral Pigeons
: Blue Bottle Flies
: Other Rodent and Insect infestations

Pest control North London

If you live in the City and urgently require Pest Control,  North London is a particular area we operate in. We can provide rat catchers and vermin control officers to the north of the river, we have solved many pest related problem’s for people in the North London area and can deal with a range of creatures and bugs. From rats to squirrels and problems relating to mice and moles, in addition we can assist you in preventing future infestation.